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Rolette Public School has a web page, with URL of In the fall of 2003, the following policy was made in regard to publishing things on the web.

For grades 7-12, child’s picture and full name may be published. (This is because of such things as honor roll, student of the month, achievements in school, etc. However, it is not the intention to put those two things together, unless we have contacted the parent if the child is under 18. In most instances, if a picture was used, at the most would be first names only.)

For grades K-6, the intent is only to put group pictures of things they are doing in their classroom, etc. In the event of special awards, etc., a picture with first name only would be used.

You as an 18-year-old or as the parent of a minor have the opportunity to accept or not. If you do not accept the policy, we will make every effort to keep the child’s pictures and or name off the web. We urge you to check the web site to see what kinds of things are on there now. If we cannot put your child’s picture on the web, that means we can not put team pictures on the web; nor can we put class group pictures on the web. If we can not put your child’s name on the web, we can’t put record holders in sports or the honor roll.

_____ I accept the web permission policy as stated.

_____ I do not accept the web permission policy and my child’s picture and name can not appear on the web site.

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