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Dear Parents,

We are pleased to offer computer technology to our students.  To ensure that every student benefits from the time spent with the computer, and to prevent technical problems, please review the following technology contract with your child.  It is important that these rules are clearly understood and followed. 
 Student use of the school’s technology is a privilege which, at the discretion of the school administration, may be revoked by the school at any time.  The school reserves the right to seek financial restitution for any damage(s) caused by student or other user.

 1.      I will use only the computer that is assigned to me and will not attempt access to any unauthorized computer.
2.      I will not attempt to use any software or hardware without the approval of the instructor.
3.      I will not vandalize any software or hardware.
4.      I will not modify any system settings on any computer, unless approved by the instructor.
5.      I will not disrupt the privileges of other computer users or misrepresent other computer users.
6.      I will not copy, change, read, or use anyone else’s software or files without prior permission from the instructor.
7.      I will use the Internet exclusively for activities, which are specified by the instructor.
8.      When on the Internet, I will not reveal any personal information about myself or anyone else.
9.      When on the Internet, I will not send messages that contain inappropriate content.  This includes profanity and any other non-academic activity.
10.  When on the Internet, I will not purchase any goods or services. 
11.  When on the Internet, I will not download, upload, or otherwise gain access to any unauthorized material(s).

12. I will comply with all copyright laws.

 Please sign one copy and return it to the office.  Keep the other copy for your own information.

 I understand and will abide by this Acceptable Use Policy.

I understand that violating any part of this agreement will result in disciplinary action.

 STUDENT:  __________________________________________________DATE: __________________

 I have explained and discussed this agreement with my child and he/she understands and agrees to abide by the aforementioned conditions for use of school computers and computer equipment.

 PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: ______________________________DATE___________________


Approved by the Rolette School Board 2005.


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